About Us


In our experience, clients want three basic things:

EFSMM was founded with these three goals in mind.

First and foremost, we are trial attorneys who have successfully litigated cases with billions of dollars at stake in challenging jurisdictions. We defend some of the largest manufacturers and corporations in the world, but also small business owners in all types of litigation. The primary reason for our success is straightforward: we understand the nuances of the trial process. We know how to communicate with jurors and motivate them to reach verdicts favorable to our clients. We also understand the importance of explaining complex technical issues in a way that is both detailed and comprehensible. While it can sometimes be difficult to articulate the personal side of business operations, we help company and expert witnesses tell the full story in a compelling way. With offices in California, Colorado and Nevada, our attorneys are licensed in many other jurisdictions and have defended cases throughout the United States. Whether you need local expertise or a national strategy, we have skilled attorneys that will help secure desired results.

Our streamlined operational structure allows us to provide superior legal representation for a reasonable fee. Unlike larger firms, EFSMM is not burdened with excessive overhead. As a result, we can more readily consider alternative fee structures that satisfy your financial needs.

At EFSMM, you will work directly with a small team of key decision-makers who are innovative and can adapt to ever-evolving litigation needs. We are effective in a variety of roles. We have experience acting as national trial counsel for mass and toxic tort litigation, coordinating counsel for MDLs, and national discovery counsel charged with managing large datasets of ESI. We can also play a more specialized role by acting as local counsel or participating on case-specific teams charged with handling experts or company witnesses. Put simply, we have the flexibility to adjust for your specific needs.

Our story is your success.